Welcome to the newly created FDC (Fandom Design Community). This community was especially made for developers to create code and help while other users who may not have a strength in code to get help or use code. The FDC is a project that is managed at an executive level by Disnickfanatic, the CEO of the project.

Main Features:

  • Assistance with Coding and Adminship: The FDC offers administration and coding assistance from trained or certified FDC users. This allows people to create a better, more appealing community.
  • Copy, Sign, and Paste System: With the Take, Sign, and Go system, administrators who need help are able to take coding created by different developers, sign their name saying that they have given credit to developer, it's alias, and/or it's community, and paste it on their CSS, Javascript, etc. page.
  • Mentorship: Admins who desire to learn how to code can request membership. With this, the mentor will create a schedule with the user and teach them how to code via. Chat, Email, Skype, etc.
  • Find Dedicated Staff: (TBA)

The FDC allows much more services that you can use to your benefit. We hope that you stay and help with the development on the FDC.